Day 3: Bye, Bye Baby

Finding two items yesterday was hard.  Pairs seem to have a reason. Just as I’ve said with my kids, I can make a very strong argument that three is easier than two.

What I like about the dynamic of three, is three personalities are connected, but each child has options. They have the option to choose a sibling, or siblings to play with; or the option to be alone without alienating the others from the only possible playmate.

Three kids, come with three sets of stuff. Today, I have options on what to get rid of first.

I spent lots of time, energy and careful consideration picking out baby phase items during my first pregnancy.  Now, the phase for little baby stuff is over and I’ll gladly trade three baby items (and the space they are taking up): the cradle swing, baby bathtub and bouncy seat in honor of the three happy, healthy kids that have used and enjoyed them over the past six years.



2 thoughts on “Day 3: Bye, Bye Baby

  1. Oh good! When I read the title of day three….I thought that was a bit extreme….sure glad to see you are keeping the children and only getting rid of BABY STUFF….all things that take up a lot of room!

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