Day 5: Less of a Bag Lady

I love bags!!! WHY, OH WHY are these bags so hard to let go…for each of the five bags I chose to ditch today, I have at least two more that I’m on the fence about. I will never use any of them again.

Where did all these bags come from??

When I was young, my mother bought a $10 Jet Bag and my dad through a tantrum about it; over the years, this became a family joke. But, today I blame my bag hoarding and the internal tantrum I’m throwing about getting rid of five of them on Jet Bag incident. Five bags donated in honor of the iconic family item.


5 thoughts on “Day 5: Less of a Bag Lady

  1. I finally parted with a good deal of these myself…..I was beginning to feel like a true “bag-lady” In our county you either pay for bags to carry your purchases out of the store or you bring your own ‘reusable bags’!

  2. LOL…..I do believe we are family with a bag feddish!!! and the jet bag was actually only $4.00 that Dad threw a fit about…..LOL although it does make for a good story now!! I guess we are all on a quest to find the “perfect bag”. I too have a hard time getting rid of bags!!!!! In honor of your discarding 5 bags, I am going to discard at least one today as well!!!!

  3. I also have a bag problem. I get a certain eye cream from Lancome at Boston store every few months and they always give me either a free makeup bag or a larger tote of some type. For whatever reason, I’ve kept them all. I try to pawn them off on my girls, but then they just sit in THEIR room instead of mine. What is it about bags??

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