Day 10: The Berenstein Bears and Too Many Costumes

For the number ten, I had Halloween in mind. To me Halloween = October, the 10th month. And I love Halloween. Originally, I was going to toss decorations and some “Halloween Stuff,” but then realized, this stuff comes out and is used once a year, my kids are still little and really enjoy decorating, and there are plenty of uses for it in the future.

I turned to “Costumes and Halloween Wear.” Harder to get rid of, because these are a pieces of history. Pieces of history that will never be worn again, and haven’t been taken out of the bag since the Halloween they were worn.

Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat was a hit a few years ago. The Berenstein Bears was an obsession of my daughters. She loved the books, and loved even more that our then family, lined up perfectly with the ages and genders of Mama, Papa, Sister, Brother Bear and our dog could even be Baby Honey (without having to dress up, because she hates it.) We spent a lot of time and effort gathering the supplies and making these four costumes. The other costumes and Halloween outfits my children have out grown. I can say with 100% certainty that we will never wear any of them again.

If I saved every family Halloween costume, by the time my oldest graduated High School, I would have over 50. They need to go.


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