Day 12: NIB and NWT’a

NIB= New in Box. NWT= New with Tags. IHTM = I Have Too Many.

When it comes to most items, I am definitely an under buyer. I don’t typically fall for gimmicks, free gifts, stock up sales, impulse buys on items I won’t use. I buy what I need, and I use what I buy.

Now occasionally, I will stock up on items to have on hand for convenience. Kids birthday gifts, the next size of kids clothes and some groceries fall into this category. But again, for the most part, I buy what I need, and I use what I buy. None of the items from today are items I bought to have on hand.

Here’s the million dollar question; if I am an under buyer, why was it SO easy to find this group of items that are brand new, never used?! Good grief.

What are they? A box of irregular photo paper, age 5? years old. Several baby items my kids outgrew before they could use, ages 1- 6 years old. A free bottle of body wash/ loofah. Several “wine connoisseur” items, age 3 years old, that I recieved at a golf outing. An egg cooker (huh?) that was a free gift with purchase. Eight white boards and markers…that should’ve been returned weeks ago. My favorite, a brand new box of “Space Bags” that I don’t need, because I will have nothing to store in them after I get rid of all this stuff!!

I think I will sell it all on eBay. NWT. NIB. And with the extra cash, I can stock up on wine to drink; out of the wine glasses I already have.


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