Day 14: The Shirts Off My Back

As I get rid of more and more, I am starting to notice the dialog in my head telling me why I should keep, or have kept something. The internal dialog is around memories of the item, possible future uses for the item, possible alternate uses for the item.

T-shirts absolutely have the best internal excuses so far, especially since more than half of these were in a drawer I haven’t opened in months.

“I wore that when…”
“I could make a t-shirt quilt, headband, etc. with these!”
“I might need these (five?) shirts to paint in. Someday.”
“I’ve had this one since…”
“This one matches xyz pajama pants.”
“____gave this to me.”

T-shirts are like scrapbook pages. I recently saw a graduation party where all the graduates t-shirts hung on a line as decoration, a very neat idea to display her involvement and accomplishments. But kept in a drawer, most of them are just stuff, taking up space.

Fourteen t-shirts move out, and if wasn’t for the vacancy in my dresser drawer, I don’t even think I’d know they were gone.

Two weeks down; 105 items gone…391 more to go.


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