Day 15: The Soundtrack of my Life

Another tough one. Cassette tapes. This time, I sort of know why…

A few years ago, I started going through my tapes, played listened to each one (both sides.) I found several SWEET Mix tapes, most of them taken directly from the radio. Before CD’s, before MP3’s and iPods; when we sat at our boom box waiting for the song we wanted and when it came on, pressed record.

If I knew all of my cassettes were just ‘SWEET Mix Tapes’ they would be gone in an instant. But it’s fear of the unknown that keeps holding on to the rest of them. I need to finish this project, before I discard the rest of them.

When I started going through my tapes, I found two of them that are priceless. One, my mom reading the Christmas story to my sister and I. Another, where I’m interviewing my Aunt about living in Berlin when the wall came down (seriously, how cool is that?) These voices of the past are now labeled, and worth hanging on to; I will get them moved to a more current form of media.

Fifteen cassettes leave, and a project moves up on my to do list.


1 thought on “Day 15: The Soundtrack of my Life

  1. I have those tapes too, this one made me think of the many tapes I recorded for Laurinda when she was little of me reading her favorite childhood books and as I came to the end of the page I tapped a wineglass with a metal spoon so that it gave her a beautiful ringing sound to signal that she needed to turn the page. I guess they would be keepers… to find them!

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