Day 16: Ink

This might be my favorite post yet.

I previously mentioned that I am an underbuyer…that I buy what I need, and use what I buy. Thankfully, I also specified that this applies to most items.

Apparently, ink doesn’t fall under most items. Today, I get rid of sixteen ink cartridges that belong to a printer we haven’t even had in over a year. I am a closet ink hoarder. Absolutely ridiculous.

There is a backstory to these. We actually had two identical printers that took them. Brad used one for school, I had one for work. During that time when we both worked full time, and Brad was in school, we did ‘stock up’ on essentials (and ink was an essential) to avoid any delay or last minute trips in our then crazy life. The ink was purchased by both of us and stored/ found in two different places. I bought a set of ink, and my printer died before I could use it….so I gave it to Brad. His printer was soon to join mine in the dumpster.

And so they’ve sat. Today they go. Sixteen ink cartridges (that we will never, ever use) out the door.



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