Day 18: Cosmetically Speaking

I have a drawer full of makeup. I wear six products, applied by three applicators…I am not a person that requires a variety of cosmetics. Makeup is routine.

Also in this drawer. Three bottles of old sunscreen I am SURE we will never use. Out.

What is with all the surplus makeup and cosmetic products? This drawer is stressful to look at.

I also find a second set of makeup for travel to be handy. That can stay…but some of these products are older than my children. Free lipsticks (when have I ever worn lipstick?); products that are ‘out of circulation,’ and alredy been replaced; expired; or expanded varieties of items I will never need (do I really need my fourth favorite lipstick, when I don’t even wear lipstick?)

No argument for ‘what if I leave my make bag somewhere’ either. I can dip into my travel set, and the last (only) time that ever happened, I had to go to Walgreens quick because I wasn’t at home.

Seventeen cosmetic items out. A prettier drawer, and set of products that I use remain.


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