Day 19: De-Clumping Jewelry

Jewelry > Make Up

As much as I derive no pleasure in having a wide variety of make-up, I love jewelry. It’s fun to wear, it’s fun to buy. Jewelry ranks right up there with shoes.

I don’t have very much “expensive” jewelry, but I have a clump of random jewelry. Yes. A clump; meaning a bunch of necklaces wound together in a mess with a couple earrings stuck in there…what a shame, this is how I store possessions I like and use??

I begin to disassemble the clump. Easily, I can pick out about three dozen pieces that I wear a lot. Then there are a few sentimental pieces. Finally, a few more pieces that go with certain outfits (that I still have.)

The clump is gone. Along with nineteen items, plus a few bonus items. Most of it is outdated, some of it is ugly or just plain ruined.


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