Day 20: Happy Meal Toys

I have a bone to pick with Ronald Mc Donald today…and it has nothing to do with fast food.

It has to do with these little guys:


Happy meal toys. I hate you.

Now the reason I hate them, is because they are cool! My kids love them as much as I did when I was a kid. They can’t be banned from my household; they have a place in childhood for sure.

But they are infesting our house. These little guys are holed up all over the place. So what to do…

My dad loves to do scavenger hunts in the woods with the kids up north. These are perfect for hiding in the woods.

I go on a scavenger hunt in our house to gather them up, took me about five minutes to find 20 (and I even found a few bonus items for grandpa.)

Off they go to their new home!!

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