Day 21: Unpacking

I just went on a trip; five days that included: hiking, site seeing, sleeping, going out to eat, shopping, sun, snow, a wedding, a Packer party, swimming, flying. Brad and I shared one suitcase and two carry ons. They weren’t even full.

For five days, all I needed was a bag and a half of stuff; and I never missed a thing. If I needed anything to spark the last ten days, that’ll work…

So for the last ten days, I’m traveling again. This time through our house; unpacking as I go.

I’ll start with the bedroom; mainly because I know there is a wallet in there that will cancel out the one I just bought. Wallet gone. Back to zero.

Here we go: the pile of random contents of my nightstand (counted as ONE, for the ruthless judges: Brad and Carrie); a combination lock with no combination; seven articles of clothing; three scarfs; six hats; a bundle of pens (also counted as one!); a glasses case; and a book.

Three weeks and 231 items down; nine more days and 265 items to go.


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