Day 22: Little House of Hoarders

Today when I picked my littlest one up from daycare, he was not in the little baby room. He was in the mobile baby room. My babies aren’t babies anymore.

As much as I would like to keep them little forever sometimes, obsessing over this would only cause me to miss out on what’s happening now.

Today I attempted to let my kiddos help with my project, their rooms. Not sure that they would willingly find 22 items they’ve outgrown and would part with, so I let them try. I was shocked…

Laura, brought me eleven items in less than five minutes. I was sad to see the Strawberry Shortcake dolls in her pile, so I asked her, “are you sure about these?” She said, “I’m not really ever going to play with them anymore.” And she was right, she hasn’t played with them in a long time. But three years ago, they were her favorite; now replaced by her ‘playing school’ set. What’s happening now is short.

Micah and Joel also participated rounding up enough to complete my twenty-two items for today. They’ve also set a great precedent for my next contestant, to be named later this week.


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