Day 23: Kitchen Chaos

By now I have gotten rid of a lot of items I just don’t use.

This room, the kitchen, is used. A LOT.

We cook. We bake. We grill. We potluck. We entertain. We like to make homemade ‘specialities.’ The French Onion soup bowls, creme brûlée set, sushi maker, fondue pot, breadmaker, ice cream maker all get used (at the very least) once a year.

Remember, food doesn’t count. Still there is a lot of stuff in here that can go.

First, the drawers. Good grief!! I’m from Wisconsin but the number of cheese tools here is out of control. Next, the cabinets. And the cabinets…there are actually two cabinets in here that I only open once a year (or less.) Nice stuff in there too; nice for someone else. Bye.

Lids for? Not the container the are sitting in. A second sugar/ creamer set? Third and forth string back up utensils. Wicker plate holders. Baking dishes. A million muffin tins. And my favorite:


Anyone want a Christmas cookie? I’ve got a scrawny tree and a…shape. Who would eat that? Perhaps the flat angel?

That was pretty easy. This space I’ve got plans for. The cabinets were too full, now the rest of stuff can spread out. Some of the stuff on the counter can join it.


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