Day 24: Skeletons in the Closet

I’ve done four big rooms; now, it’s time to tackle the little non-rooms.

The closets. The closets make me nervous. They aren’t overflowing, they are organized…then I start to think about what’s in them. Well-organized stuff. Stuff that has been there untouched and well-organized for years. Way, way up on the top shelves. on second thought, twenty-four items will be a cake walk.

This closet collection is random; it’s kind if like a replay of The 31 Day Minimalist’s ‘Greatest Hits.’ Everything from girls bedding to Bitter Apple for dogs. Another bag. A hamper (the only item on here that I didn’t even realize we still had.) NWT’s. Room decor. A miscellaneous piece of trim. Christmas ornaments and cards. A chicken. Coloring books. All in the closets, and all moving on.

Honestly, if you quizzed me on what I took out of the closets today in 24 hours; I bet I would remember about four items.


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