Day 26: Office Space

I have come across my fair share of harsh reality and surprises during the last twenty-five days. The problem in this room, my office, completely blind sided me.

Yesterday, I noted that this room keeps ‘stuff from overflowing into the house.’ This statement is 100% true. Before today, I thought there was a lot of unused junk in here; which is 100% false. You see, the problem in this room is that it has ‘stuff’ that belongs in other rooms; and has truly turned into Office Space’s ‘Store Room B.’ That’s right, and I guess that makes me Milton, so I’ll have to burn this place down. Not really.

I spend about an hour putting stuff ‘away,’ and I’m still not even done. Along with that, I find a pile of co-workers that have been here for awhile and haven’t done their job in a long time. Pink slips for all of them.

No doubt that this room still needs work. However, there are twenty-six less items here that I need to deal with during the process.


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