Day 27: Skip to My Loo

Today, I was going to use my husband as the subject; he hasn’t come up with twenty-seven items, so, I’ll continue on to the next set of rooms. The bathrooms.

This is becoming a trend. Once again, I thought I’d find almost nothing (already cleaned out my makeup); once again, I was wrong. Dead wrong.

The bulk of the items were expired medicine bottles. I rarely even pop a Tylenol, but when I’m sick, there is some sort of driving force that sends me to Walgreen’s in the middle of the night 100% convinced that the ailment will last a week and then reoccur at least twice. For example, I had dry, itchy skin for about four days (never, ever before or again have I had itchy dry skin) I left Walgreens that night with like $45 bucks worth of eczema creams. Two days later, I was fine; and had a stockpile of lotion products.
Note to self: the next time I run to Walgreen’s suffering from an ailment, buy the smallest quantity of product to treat available.

Then there is my ‘third favorite’ curling iron. That’s crazy. I don’t use my first favorite curling iron very often. My second favorite is for Laura’s hair.

Four open packages of flushable wipes…all dried out. What a waste. A bottle of self tanner? Huh? Didn’t even know I used self tanner. Oh wait, I don’t!! A bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles with no nozzle. And rust. Pretty sure I won’t be needing that.

A few more miscellaneous items get me to twenty-seven pretty fast. These are trash. My hypothesis, “I won’t find much in here,” is again defeated.


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