Day 28: Rock Bottom

Four weeks in, and I’m down to my last room. The basement.

First a picture of my “Shrine to Home Purging.” The tower of empty containers that is living there.


This area definitely stores a few boxes of boxed up crap that I just haven’t gotten around to dealing with.

After four weeks of this, you would think I’d lost the ability to surprise myself. No. I just found two of my favorite boxes today.

The first box contained old letters, my first diary, some pictures from my time in Spain. All really fun stuff; I can’t wait to look at, I will keep.

The second box (larger than the first) contained several used notebooks (all with just blank pages left), blank loose leaf paper, three blank legal pads, two unused pads of graph paper, a carefully tabbed out three ring binder (blank) and a BOX of unopened notecard packages in a variety of sizes.

Wow. I’ve had an Office Depot in the basement and didn’t even know it!

For a minute, I thought about saving some of the paper for the kids. Nope, I’ve got a stack of scrap upstairs, a box of notepads and a dollar to spare for a new notebook (should they ever run out of paper.)

Twenty-eight more items go out with the box of paper products leading the way. That’s 406 items so far…four weeks down; three days and 90 more item to go.


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