Day 29: Weeks of Supply

I work in the grocery industry. One of my favorite metrics in inventory management is “weeks of supply.”

The calculation: the number of items in inventory / the number of that item sold per week = weeks of supply

100 apples in inventory/ 25 apples sold per week = 4 weeks of supply

Time to take inventory on a few items. Guess what the first three items have in common? They were free. Free clutter. Awesome.

#1- Cough syrup; They gave a whole case of this once at daycare. I used about 5 of these last year (.096/ week.) I have 45; 468 weeks of supply. Gone.

#2- Cosmetic bags; I use about one per year (.019/ week.) I have 8; 421 weeks of supply. Gone.

#3- Pens; I use about 2/ week. And I get free pens all the time. Heaven forbid I ever buy a $2 pack of pens should I run out. I have more than I can count…let’s say 500; 250 weeks of supply. Gone.

#4- Jump drives; I use about 2/ year (.038/ week.) I have 8; 210 weeks of supply.

#5- Sunscreen; We use about one bottle/ month in the summer…which in Wisconsin will MAYBE last 4 months (.153/ week.) I have five bottles, 33 weeks of supply. I will keep two; and ditch three of them (if you are paying attention, I’ve already gotten rid of at least two more bottles of sunscreen in previous posts.)

#6- File folders; I take out about eight (?) a year for new things (.153/ week.) that’s probably high. I have sixty EXTRA folders 392. I will even keep 40. But 20 have to go.

#7- Socks; I wear about 15 pairs…have a drawer full. I’m getting rid of seven pairs.The math on this one gives me a headache. I like socks. So there.

#8- Swim caps; have I ever replaced a swim cap? I don’t think so. I’ve swam for six years, and have four of them (all because they were free!) So I’ve gotten 312 weeks out of one swim
cap. I’ve got 1,248 weeks of supply…if you’re pedaling swim caps, please hit me up in 24 years.

Twenty-nine more items out, which means only TWO more days left.


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