Day 30: The Retirement Home

Only I understand what this computer stands for. My last semester of college, I finally broke down and bought my own computer; financed it over twelve months, on the premise that a job and a salary were lined up for the day after I graduated. It cost about a third of what made in an entire summer.

This was the first big thing I ever bought with my money from, “the real world.” And barely ten years later, the computer retires long before I do.

What other dinosaurs do we have around here? Has this house become a retirement home?

VHS tapes probably with re-runs of the Wonder Years on them; five purses that I haven’t used in…five years; two DVD players – one that hasn’t worked in months, another that we’ve hated (very cumbersome) for about two years; a media drive and a remote control.

Two dresses that if I ever lost half my body weight, would fit me again, but who wants to be skinny and out of style 🙂 My cross-country coat from high school, and snowpants from college. A uniform, from a job that no longer exists.

A camera, that doesn’t work! Two cell phones, that don’t work! Oh look they had a baby, a camera phone, that doesn’t work either!! This reminded me of the travel baby bottle warmer…that NEVER worked, so I threw that in there too.

Now the kitchen. Four cookbooks were little tough to part with, but I still have tons of them and The Magic Bullet blender (I used to use all the time, now I make big batches of everything in the blender), some bar lights.



One more day and I can retire…I’ve certainly got some extra space to enjoy.

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