Day 31: Trick or Treating

Today is the last day. It is also Halloween.

So in honor of both; I am trick or treating today. Room by room, and ar the end I will have a sweet bag full of what I call, “Energy Suckers.” These are the things I’ve passed up. (Some more than once) during this whole process.

They all have really dumb excuses for still being here; same excuses i have heard in my head the whole month!! They are wearing masks as useful, needed, what if someday I want to…after tonight, costumes and masks are no longer cool, they are creepy (until next Halloween.)

Here’s what I found in my trick or treat bag: Girls life jacket. Pan. My second favorite camping coffee pot (that we forgot we had, so we bought another one.) Bottle drying rack. Baby changing pads. Frame. Video baby monitor. Some containers. Books…think if I haven’t read them in six years they are a priority? A few of Brad’s things (hey, at least he started a pile,) a TV stand, a fish bowl, a baby car seat toy, digital converter box, a shower game, dried up Modge Podge (it was hiding,) old business cards, some bath toys, dog toys. More than 31 items. I thought today would be HARD. It was not. The hardest part was selecting items that I can pitch, donate or sell in seven days (per the rules.)

Thirty-one days down, 496 items out…I did it.

The last week has been TOUGH, “speed purging” is exhausting (but relieving and rewarding.) I need a day off! Glad I have seven more days to get the rest of these items out of my house and to finish this project and this blog.

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