The Final Countdown

Per the rules, I have until Thursday to “finish the job.”

Realistically, it will probably be done by the end of the weekend. Getting stuff out is a lot of work…if three extra days is my epic failure from this project, I’m ok with that.

Not that I have that much to get rid of. I mean, this is a picture of what I had from the last week alone:


Look at all that. Yikes…never anticipated how fast the last pile would grow.

What I haven’t written about is the ‘other stuff’ I got rid of during the process; mostly in exchange for new stuff– but there were a couple big things in there too; a shelf, some carseats, a desk, outgrown baby items. All of it takes time to lug, to itemize, to sell, to donate, to return, etc.

I’ve been busy. But in less than a week, this living room will have space for just that…living. Stay tuned.

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