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Day 8: The Concept of “Other People”

The quote is from one of my favorite movies, Dumb and Dumber. A man waiting outside the phone booth taps on the glass and says to the man inside, “Sir, did you ever hear of the concept of ‘other people?'”

On a more serious note, there are constantly people tapping on the outside of my phone booth, asking that very same question; like many, I am often too busy to listen. Today my phone booth was tapped…

Tap, tap. Seven families in the area are staying at a church, everything they own was lost in a fire. The church is collecting donations for these families with nothing.

I have an abundance of everything and really thought about what I would need first to start over if I lost it all.

Eight (well really, more than eight items) collected: towels, bedding, bathroom towels, shower curtain, four bags of hotel size toiletries, baby toys, cups and and bunch of cloth bags.

Eight items helping the seven families that tapped on my phone booth.