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Day 2: The Potato Heads Move-On


Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head have to go.

In our now tradition of family Halloween costumes, the kids convinced Brad and I to dress up with them as “Toy Story.”  Laura and Micah went as “Woody” and “Jessie,” and Brad and I were the Potato Heads. It WAS awesome.

Potato Heads

These are two well-traveled costumes. They attended the Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney in Orlando in these costumes, we trick or treated downtown, we attended Fall Festival at school in them too. There are lots of pictures, lots of good memories; all of which I still get to keep, without the spuds hanging in the coat closet.

I found a buyer for the pair. Which means, two more items – gone; and more importantly, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head will get to enjoy one more Halloween together.