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Day 1: The Unemployed Shelf

I bought a used desk last weekend, exactly what I had been looking for…minus the huge shelf that sat on top of the desk.

Perhaps the previous owner had used the shelf and found it useful for sorting mail/ storage/ aesthetics. Perhaps the owner hated the whole desk and that is why the shelf came with it.

My husband lugged in the desk and fully assembled for me, shelf and all, but the shelf was exactly where I needed my computer to be. So I tore it off. But kept it. Maybe someday I would wish I had it?!

That lasted about ten minutes, the only place I hated the shelf more than on the desk, was up against the wall in my office. Pending.

I tried to look up something clever to name this post, and shelf was ironic. One of the phrases associated with it was:

“on the shelf” meaning “In a state of disuse.” a. Unemployed, b. Out of Circulation, c. Retired.

What a perfect definition to start with! I had no work for the shelf, so off to the curb it went. The Unemployed Shelf. One item gone…495 to go.